Sealing for Silos, Bunkers and Sheds

Sealing for Silos, Bunkers and Sheds

Silo sealing for gas-tight storage

Sealing your silos can help you control or eliminate pests and mould while using less chemical, saving you money and time, and giving you a better return on your crop and a marketing advantage for export.

Silo sealing is the process of modifying new or existing silos, so that no air or gas can escape from within or get into the silo once it has been loaded with grain (or similar commodities) and closed.

A silo which has been modified in this way is often referred to as being a `controlled atmosphere’ or ‘gas-tight’ storage where the atmosphere inside is now fully contained -preventing gas from escaping or anything else from entering.

Our silo sealing system was designed in Australia in 1983. Since 2011 there has been a growing interest and participation from countries around the world, wanting to seal their storages in line with changing dynamics in fumigation techniques for residue-free commodities.

The Australian Grain Industry Code of Practice recommends sealed storage. We can install new sealed silos or help you seal existing silos to comply with the Australian Standard AS2628 to protect your crop, minimise chemical residue, and maximise your returns.

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