Concrete Bunker Walls

Concrete Bunker Walls

High-Quality Bunker Walls For Bulk Storage

Our concrete bunker wall and lock down clamping system is perfect for bulk storage, right where you need it in the paddock.

The system is designed for on-site bulk storage of grain, nuts, fertiliser and other bulk goods.
Our concrete walls are 4 metres in length and 1 metre high and our clamping system makes the lockdown period more efficient. The walls can be configured for whatever shape and size you need. You can also deconstruct and move the system if you need to, giving you greater flexibility – as you manage your operations year to year – than a fixed silo or shed.

In comparison to other on-site bulk storage systems such as a dirt bunker, our concrete bunker wall systems are more efficient to maintain, more hygienic, and need less tarpaulin making, them more cost effective. Our systems have a proven high-quality seal to allow for effective fumigation and to secure your valuable tarps.

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